Copy Edits


There is nothing like looking at copyedits. Nothing at all. To see all your words on a page, meticulously perused and found worthy. At least, if you can pick out your words in the sea of red ink, LOL. Sigh… there is nothing at all like it. Though I will say, I love having a copyeditor who is so on point, because she makes this look good


The Deadly Ship


Why in the hell do I watch shows and immediately yenta the characters, wanting them to get together, regardless of how the story goes? Raylan and Winona, she’s knocked up and it’s a bad idea, but she’s a good fill in until I get a better option. Kensey and Deeks, all over it. Eliot and any available X chromosome who swings that way, all day long and pass the popcorn. Mary and Marshall, of course. Damn the plot, damn the series, I just want them together. Personally, I blame my abiding love for romance novels and the happily ever after. And Mulder and Scully.

Let’s Try This Again


This page will be the new home page for all things Alexis. My books and other publications, as well as the random ephemera that come to my mind. I’ll be redirecting folks here from my now-dead and hopefully we can make this page work.