The Deadly Ship


Why in the hell do I watch shows and immediately yenta the characters, wanting them to get together, regardless of how the story goes? Raylan and Winona, she’s knocked up and it’s a bad idea, but she’s a good fill in until I get a better option. Kensey and Deeks, all over it. Eliot and any available X chromosome who swings that way, all day long and pass the popcorn. Mary and Marshall, of course. Damn the plot, damn the series, I just want them together. Personally, I blame my abiding love for romance novels and the happily ever after. And Mulder and Scully.

5 thoughts on “The Deadly Ship

  1. Pauline

    Mulder and Scully have a lot to answer for…

    Hoping with fingers double crossed for that Mary and Marshall ending.

      • Pauline

        I only watched CI sporadically, not enough to get a good feel on the relationship between the leads, but I did see the final ep. Seemed to end on a solid friendship, but wasn’t sure if there was more than that between them. One of the eps I saw he denied to the therapist any romantic feelings towards his partner.

      • And that’s what was wrong with it. It was so clear, even my younger sister was writing Goren/Eames fic, and she’s a diehard slash-writer. They did that just to torture the shippers and that was nowhere close to cool.

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