TBR, or why my husband loves my Kindle


I don’t generally have a large TBR pile. When I buy a book, I read it. Usually in the next few hours, cover to cover. That said,  I normally keep all my books. I bought them; I like having them around. The issue I run into quickly is space. Where to put them?

I have shelves, lots & lots of shelves,  full to bursting.  My nightstand,  the coffee table,  my writing desk, they’re everywhere. Makes the hubs nuts, especially if we have to move.  Fortunately,  that’s not often, but between my books & vinyl collection,  I’m pretty back breaking. 

Enter the Kindle.  Unobtrusive little app on my phone,  I can bring them home without the hairy eyeball, read everywhere, & keep a ton of books. In all, a happy ending, & you know how much I love those.


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