The Long & Winding Week


This week seems like its taking forever. At my day job we had server migration status was supposed to take a day that I’ve taken a week now I had an event that I’d planned to have never done anything like that before that was due to go off on Friday, plus my second job kick in before Gary this week. And with her second job goes well is not even writing I’m trying to write a book around everything that’s going on.

The servers went badly, the event went swimmingly, and my second job well, I’ll get used to it. I do however have the best quote of the week.

It comes courtesy of my sergeant on late shift, who was regaling me with tales of stupid folks who get sent to the hospital with extra ventilation than they woke up with that day. “What’s really great, is that the guy brought a gun to a knife fight… and lost.”

Lesson of the week then, is that superior firepower does not always mean that you will prevail. Just something about.

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