My Review of Officer Next Door by @Ranae_Rose


I finished reading it yesterday, but for whatever reason, I got busy at work and couldn’t post. In the meantime, I love this book.

Miss Rose is taking up the mantle of folks like Elizabeth Lowell, Tami Hoag, and Lori Foster in that she writes really steamy romance around a framework of romantic suspense that is believable & plausible. I enjoyed the plot, I enjoyed the dialogue, I enjoyed all of it, and give it 5 stars.

I’m also glad that it’s the first of a series.  I definitely want to read more.

A Little Light Reading


Back to Buckhorn was exactly what I’ve come to expect from Lori Foster. I picked it up yesterday on my Kindle, because my pre-order was somehow ignored by Amazon. I hope that doesn’t happen with her next one, coming in August. Either way, a couple days delay didn’t diminish the joy I had in reading Ms. Foster’s latest offering.

It’s fun, sexy, with just enough conflict to make the end worth it. The characters were believable, which is something I can normally rely on her to provide, and though I would have preferred it to be a bit longer, with more umph from the antagonist, it was a satisfying read. 4.5/5

TBR, or why my husband loves my Kindle


I don’t generally have a large TBR pile. When I buy a book, I read it. Usually in the next few hours, cover to cover. That said,  I normally keep all my books. I bought them; I like having them around. The issue I run into quickly is space. Where to put them?

I have shelves, lots & lots of shelves,  full to bursting.  My nightstand,  the coffee table,  my writing desk, they’re everywhere. Makes the hubs nuts, especially if we have to move.  Fortunately,  that’s not often, but between my books & vinyl collection,  I’m pretty back breaking. 

Enter the Kindle.  Unobtrusive little app on my phone,  I can bring them home without the hairy eyeball, read everywhere, & keep a ton of books. In all, a happy ending, & you know how much I love those.


Rivers and Roads


I’m listening to Head and the Heart while I update this blog a bit. My goal is to keep up with it more diligently than I have in the past. It’s been a while, so we’ll see, but in the meantime, hi!

Let me please introduce myself, I’m a woman of wealth and taste (not really)… or just a serious penchant for The Stones (entirely true). I’m a romance writer with a day job.

As of right now, I have three works out with Lachesis Publishing (@lachesispub) –Imminent Danger, Undercover Seduction, and the latest, Give Me Shelter. I have two more coming out next year as well, with Hot Ink Press.

It’s a little early yet, but the ride promises to get a little wild.

In the meantime, here is a link to a sneak peek of Give Me Shelter. Check it out!