17 Struggles Of Being The Blunt Person In Your Friend Group


Good Lord! This is exactly me

Thought Catalog

Gossip GirlGossip Girl

1. People ask for your advice on everything, even if it’s something you know nothing about. They say it’s because they know you’ll be honest with them. And then, when you are honest with them, they usually get annoyed.

2. Nothing bores you more than obligatory small talk. You die a little on the inside when you have to talk about your job or where you’re from while you’re at a cocktail party. Because you’d much rather be talking about something real and interesting.

3. Sometimes your friends tease you about coming off as a little too straightforward, but really, it’s just that you don’t like being fake.

4. When a new person comes to hang out with you guys, your friends usually introduce you by saying something like “Don’t be scared. She/he doesn’t bite. Hahaha!”

5. And you’re just like… “No.”

6. You get really uneasy around highly sensitive…

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