Fun with Radio


Yesterday, I got the privilege of being interviewed by Candy O’Donnell on Blog Talk Radio. I was a guest with the terribly fun and cool La Quette (Heart of the Matter).

We had a blast talking about our current and upcoming stuff as well as our influences and our limited spare time.

Take a listen.

Cover Reveal! The Ex File Coming February 7th, 2015


Second Chances Can Be Lethal

Narcotics Officer, Sean O’Leary is bitter after a messy divorce that has reinforced his solitary nature, leaving him only with his dog and a sword collection. He could never imagine that  his former best friend may be the only woman to bring happiness into his lonely life.

Ellie Gardner knows loss; especially after she was banished from her best friend/crush’s life by his jealous wife. Although the regret of walking away from the love of her life still stung, a chance encounter with Sean may change everything.

When Ellie and Sean reconnect, they could never expect it’d be in such an explosive way, leaving them both to gain the fulfillment of their ‘what if’s.

Finding love is hard enough without the past breathing down their necks, especially when said past has no intention of letting go. When Sean’s ex, Pia Mastriani returns, Ellie must face her nemesis’ relentless tactics to get Sean back, including eliminating Ellie if necessary.

Sean and Ellie’s relationship is put to the test but will they fare well while they go rummaging through The Ex File?

Coming from Hot Ink Press 2/7/15

Coming from Hot Ink Press 2/7/15

from Hot Ink Press.

Slowly But Surely Getting Into the Christmas Spirit


It’s been a hard couple months for me. The anniversary of a friend’s death, my grandmother’s own brushes with death, and some other things. It’s been difficult for me to really get into the festive mood I’m usually known for this time of year.

So, the laughter when I saw this pic was completely cathartic. I’m finishing up one story, starting two more, and on track to celebrate my cover release at the end of the week (12/19), but I’m also getting my Jingle Bell back. Rudolph